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The Spanish Faculty:

Fernando: (Dept. Chair) Greater Los Angeles Area, Marina Del Rey, Los Feliz

Hola. Mi nombre es Fernando. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I also lived in Amsterdam for a few years before I came to Los Angeles. I have a B. A. in Journalism, and I am also an award-winning writer, teacher, translator and photographer. For the last years I have been teaching Spanish in Buenos Aires and since 2007 I have been teaching Spanish in Los Angeles. I love all aspects of Spanish language and Hispanic culture, and my goal is to help you enjoy them as much as I do.

Spanish Classes Los Angeles Teacher 

Scott: Spanish Tutoring in Los Angeles, Los Feliz, Downtown LA, Chinatown, Santa Monica and the Los Angeles Area

Hola, me llamo Scott! I learned Spanish while travelling for several years along the border of Mexico and the United States. I spent two years living in Spanish speaking communities and in doing so I not only became fluent in the Spanish language but also gained an appreciation for Latin American culture. After returning home I then went to southern Mexico as an intern for a company called Del Sol. After interning for four months I decided that I needed to learn about other areas of the Spanish-speaking world. I attended the University of Alacalá de Henares in Madrid, Spain giving me a unique understanding of the differences between the two language variants and cultures. Upon returning to the United States I enrolled at Brigham Young University as a Spanish major and Political Science minor where I also taught Spanish 101. I am originally from Denver, Colorado and I love all Denver sports teams. I also play drums with a few bands in Los Angeles.

Jorge Spanish Classes in Los Feliz, Silverlake, Pasedena, Echo Park and the Los Angeles Area

Hola, mi nombre es Jorge. I am originally from Peru and I came to the States 6 years ago to study Music. In Lima, I received a bachelor in Letters and taught Spanish for several years. I believe that one on one classes and regular conversation are the best way to become fluent. I’m happy to be accommodating and tailor my sessions your level and interests, and to create a pace that suits your learning process. I have a passion for music, arts, philosophy, literature and I love sharing the richness of my culture. Let’s have a good time learning this language!

Teresa: (spanish Classes in Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silverlake, West Los Angeles and The Los Angeles Area)

Spanish classes in Hollywood, West Hollywood, Los Feliz Hola, I am originally from Guatemala, Central America. I have taught Spanish in private schools in Los Angeles from Pre-school through High School, including Spanish-Honors, SAT II-Spanish preparation  and AP Spanish. Besides the grammatical teacher training, I also have been trained in "The Natural Method" of language communication. I believe it is necessary to learn cultural behavior when we are going to interact with, or travel to a different country, so I enjoy including some of the colorful, diverse and rich every-day music, paintings, poems, tongue twisters, history, food and even art projects in my classes. In a small group, or one on one setting, it is easy to identify the styles of learning the student has, so I adapt to it. I love my culture and I love teaching, I like to laugh, smile, talk... but mostly I am looking forward hearing you speak and sing in Spanish to me.

Alexei - Spanish classes in Los Feliz, Silverlake, Hollywood and the surrounding Los Angeles area.

Que pasa, tio! Me llamo Alexei. I was born here in California but moved to Greece for a year with my family when I was ten. I already spoke Greek when we moved because my grandfather had already taught me the language from a very young age. When I was eleven we moved to Mallorca, an island off the coast of Spain where I spent my teenage years. I arrived in Spain not knowing a word of Spanish and within a year or so I was speaking like a native. At my international school and with my friends, I soaked up the language and the culture like a dry American sponge. Through the years I have come to realize that a language is much more than just a tool for communication. Each language is its own unique lens for understanding and the process of cognition. Since no one language is complete, the more languages you know the more holistic your understanding of the world culture will be. I am excited to be a part of the awakening of togetherness that is catalyzed by our ability to communicate with one another. On a less philosophical note - I can teach you like, a ton of authentic Spanish curse words.

Hannah: (Spanish + Mandarin) West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Hollywood

Hi My name is Hannah, I studied Mandarin Chinese (4.0) & Spanish (3.8) at the University of Illinois – Urbana, Champaign. I am Fluent in English, Spanish, and Mandarin. I am a member of the Spanish National Honor Society and winner of the Illinois Taiwan Consortium Fellowship, an experience that allowed me to pursue my studies abroad. I love teaching Spanish language and culture, Mandarin, and academics. My classes are always fresh and creative, in my opinion the learning process should always be a fun and rewarding experience.

Esther- Spanish Classes in West L.A., Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Malibu and the Los Angeles Area.

Hola, my name is Esther, Iím from Barcelona but I moved to Los Angeles two years ago. I graduated from the University of Barcelona with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and from the University of Girona with a Masterís Degree in Art Communication. I love art, culture, and teaching Spanish. I enjoy preparing fun teaching materials and focusing on each studentís needs and interests. I look forward to meeting you! Hasta pronto!

Cynthia: Spanish Classes in Long Beach, Lakewood, Bellflower, Carson, Cyrpess, Manhattan Beach, redondo beach and the Los Angeles Area

Hola, my name is Cynthia. I was born in Mexico City. I moved to Los Angeles 7 years ago. I graduated from the National Institute of Human Communication with a degree in Human Communication Therapy. While living in mexico, I worked in primary schools teaching as well as rehabilitation clinics for children and adults with speech, hearing and learning problems. I enjoy teaching and I love to share my language and culture with students. I like to prepare interactive classes and different personalized materials for each student.

Courtney: Beverly Hills, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, Toluca Lake, Valley Village, Van Nuys, Encino

Hola, soy Courtney. Iīm thrilled to be teaching Spanish and sharing my passion for the language and culture. In my classes, I supplement the textbook with movie clips, music, food, history, short stories, and conversation. Being a non-native but fluent Spanish speaker has actually been an asset to teaching Spanish as a foreign language; I am particularly adept at explaining the grammar and helping with pronunciation. After graduating from Stanford University with a B.A. in Humanities in 2003, I tutored children of all ages in reading, writing, and math. A trip to Chiapas, Mexico, where I chaperoned high school students, inspired me to reconnect with the Spanish language and eventually move to Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2006. I immediately fell in love with the movida of the city: the people; the world of tango; jazz and folklore music; bookstores open past midnight; and Argentine cinema. Buenos Aires became my home for five years. Initially I studied Spanish, absorbed the culture, taught ESL, and volunteered. After settling in, I began tutoring adults in Spanish and translating. Pursuit of a teaching career has brought me back to Los Angeles where I continue to tutor Spanish and translate for a human rights NGO in Argentina.



“¿Cómo es su español?”

Is your Spanish good? Whether you are just beginning in Spanish, or you are an advanced Spanish student, a personalized curriculum and one-on-one attention is the most effective way to see and hear results.

"Entrene su oído."

Train your ear. The most important thing is speaking and listening in Spanish. The best way to do this is by reading texts aloud to develop your own “Spanish ear” while also perfecting your accent. When you read it is as if you are speaking the language perfectly, and the more you speak the more confident you will become in your Spanish skills. Not only will you learn ‘textbook Spanish’ but also the all-important Spanish idioms, slang, and colloquialisms. At Strommen Tutoring we find it amazing that these terms are seldom taught even though they can be the most commonly used.

"Leamos! Escribamos! y... Hablemos Español! El Método Multilateral."

Let’s read, write, and talk: the ‘multilateral’ approach. At Strommen Tutoring we believe in a ‘multilateral’ approach to learning languages. The most noticeable results come from learning like a native Spanish speaker would. We will use a variety of texts, from comic books to works of philosophy and original language drama. We will use reading exercises, unique writing exercises, and oral exercises we have developed through research and application. Therefore we will engage your Spanish ‘right brain’ through conversation and listening but we will also employ your ‘left brain’ advantageously.

"Necesita Ayuda?"

Need help? Maybe all you need is a little help -or a lot! If you are taking an online course, or are in a group class, we can help you with conversational Spanish, accent coaching, oral exam prep, written exam prep, Spanish grammar, Spanish history, Spanish Philosophy, culture, and written assignments.

"Hasta pronto, Espero un próximo reencuentro!"



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