The English Faculty:

Carly Knopf: - Literature

Mayra Solano: - English for Spanish Speakers

Hannah Crum: - English for Mandarin Speakers - Video Below!

Rob Hahn: - Accent Reduction Specialist, Accent Coach - Video Below!


Carly Knopf - Based in Studio City

English Literature, College Applications and General Academic Tutoring

I am a 2005 UCLA English degree graduate with latin Honors, Cum Laude. I am currently pursuing my Masters degree in 19th century British women’s literature at CSU Northridge; I also plan to complete a PHD in the field and become a college professor. Past experience includes two years of volunteering at the Los Angeles Valley College Writing Center, where I was trained in teaching ESL and essay composition. I am a published poet and winner of the Presidential Scholars award. My favorite authors are Jane Austen, Dostoyevsky and Chaucer.


Rob Hahn - Accent Coach and Accent Reduction Specialist:


I began my classical training in St. Louis , where I acquired my BFA. I completed my Master of Fine Arts degree at Cal State Fullerton where I recieved academic scholarships for my work in voice and speech. I received them for my involvement in conducting workshops on various dialects, substitute teaching for my voice professor, and for providing many hours of individual and group coaching with well over 100 students. I currently teach 1 on 1 accent reduction and dialect coaching with American Academy of Dramatic Arts and Strommen Tutoring. I work with actors trying to neutralize foreign accents and personal regionalisms as well as individuals and business professionals. In 3 years, I have coached over 25 shows, most of which called for a great deal of accent reduction.

Hannah Crum: Based in Culver City

English for Mandarin Speakers:

Hi, Ni hao! My name is Hannah. I enjoy teaching English to speakers of Mandarin because I make the process seem fun and easy! 1 on 1 classes with me will be much more effective than group classes, and the cost is very close. My qualifications and honors include a 4.0 in Chinese & Spanish at the University of Illinois, I am the winner of the Illinois Taiwan Consortium Fellowship and attended the prestigious International Chinese Language Program at TaiDa University in Taipei, Taiwan.

Garrett - Based in Los Feliz

English Lit., College Applications, Italian, and General Academics

I am a 2006 UCLA English Graduate, concentration in creative writing, with Latin honors Cum Laude. I was the recipient of the Silver award in the American National Latin Awards, and the winner of the Reverend Wilbur C. Woodhams Award in the arts. My mother is an art professor and my father is the dean of the Temple University study abroad program in Rome, Italy, where I lived for eight years.


“Building on your Strengths while Eliminating your Weak Points”

At Strommen Tutoring services in English are tailored to your individual needs regardless of age or skill level; therefore the first step in our methodology is locating your strengths and weaknesses whether you are a high school student, college student, or someone who has no formal English training. Our English tutors are enthusiastic and passionate about the English language.

“A Bilingual Approach to ESL”

Los Angeles is a wonderfully multicultural city (over 224 languages spoken!) but the ability to speak, read, and write effectively in English is essential.

Because many of our English tutors are also bilingual we have the ability to provide an English course specifically for your needs and cultural background. This unique ability makes us a great choice for helping students develop confidence and quickly excel. These classes are often held in public locations which provide excellent opportunities for the student to use what he or she is learning. The unique curriculum will produce fast-working results by implementing our ‘multilateral’ approach. By developing the ear we give students the ability to correct themselves like a native speaker does.


You will have the opportunity to learn or review basics such as grammar, vocabulary, accent elimination, composition, structure, style, pronunciation, and analysis through a fun yet effective curriculum while simultaneously refining your natural strong points.

More advanced students can perfect essential English skills like paper outlining, essay composition, style, research-paper formatting, finding the perfect sources, book analysis and notation techniques, literary terms, critical analysis, in-class test taking strategies, advanced grammar, vocabulary, and mnemonic devices.

A confident path to achieving your ideal SAT score:

By using a combination of proven techniques students will see and feel results. By taking a series of drills and practice tests they will feel confident in their success by seeing steady improvement on their scores. We also realize that the SAT isn’t only about a score, it is also an opportunity to learn lifelong test taking skills in a fun and engaging manner.

“Guiding you to your individual Educational Goals”

Whether you are seeking extra help for your teenager's demanding High-School English curriculum, or to finally improve your conversational English skills after many years in the US, we feel that a new energetic and enthusiastic attitude can often make the most difference. The biggest change is made when this positive and engaging attitude is coupled with a proven curriculum and methodology. Furthermore, at Strommen Tutoring we take no request or suggestion for granted; indeed, guiding you to your individual educational goals is what we strive for.